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Trump administration testing GOP appetite for background checks

Beto vs. Buttigieg on gun control

Fact-check: Would Beto O’Rourke’s criminal history prevent him from purchasing a gun?

Another self-defense story as Trump floats gun sales crackdown

How to stop mass shootings: End war and the culture of violence

“Gun Violence” Vs “Societal Violence – One Is A Ruse, One Is Real

Analysis: Warren and O'Rourke's Answers on Gun Control Confirm Second Amendment Supporters' Worst Fears

Here’s The Document The White House, Barr Are Using To Push Gun Control On Republicans

How To Make "Red Flag Laws" Work

‘Shame on them for thinking that’: NYPD sergeants union head defends gun control retweet critics say is homophobic

Gun rights resolution triggers talk, no decision

SC:  Columbia SC Once Again Targets Lawful Gun Owners

What you should know about Texas’ newest gun laws

Murphy ‘pulling every lever’ for stricter gun control laws

Utah poll: Voters say gun control laws won't infringe on their 2nd Amendment rights

It's the Guns

OH:  Gov. DeWine says he’s building coalition to support gun legislation

OH:  Dozens march on the Ohio Statehouse calling for gun reforms

GOP signals unease with Barr's gun plan

Barr's expanded background check on firearms proposal confuses senators

A Bipartisan Bill Targets Would-Be Gun Buyers Who ‘Lie And Try’ on Background Checks

NH:  Legislature fails to override most Sununu vetoes

NY:  Monroe County DA's Office says it's recovered 10-12 'ghost guns'

OR:  Oregon sees push for strictest gun storage law in US

NJ:  New Jersey's big idea to impose gun control: Follow the money

Why is gun control so hard? A tribalism primer.

Will gun control be a big issue on Election Day?

PA:  Gun control advocates call on Sen. Pat Toomey to lead efforts to close loophole in gun laws

OH:  Lima mayor and police chief head to Columbus for gun control legislation talks

CO:  Progresive Colorado PAC rips Gardner on gun stance in billboard campaign

Gun sales find an easy path online

WI:  'Doing nothing's not an option': State legislators and gun control activists rally for change

Assault rifles should be banned and bought back

TX:  Sutherland Springs hero defends gun rights, speaks on firearm safety proposals

TX:  How hard-charging Dallas lawyer William Brewer III helped fuel a civil war inside the NRA

It’s Not The NRA Stopping Gun Control, It’s America’s 100 Million Gun Owners

Scalise blasts Democratic legislation on gun reforms

Conservative lawmakers push back against gun background checks

Trump, and Some Democrats, Blame Beto for Making Gun Legislation Less Likely

Gun violence costs the United States $229 billion annually

A Gun-Loving Bro Came For Kamala Harris On ‘Jimmy Fallon’ And She Wasn’t Having Any Of It

Publix joins retailers closing ranks on gun-carrying customers

Florida Lawmakers Continue Gun Control Debate At Committee Meeting

Texas mass shooting survivor lobbies Congress for less gun control

The racial politics of gun control

So, are we getting a gun control bill or ...

Just last month, 53 Americans died in mass shootings…while 40,000 died from obesity

IA:  Waterloo gun shop sees spike in sales; says politics might be the reason

NY:  Protesters target NRA fundraiser in New Hyde Park Thursday

Texas House mass violence committee holds first hearing

TX:  An Unusual Alliance? Liberals Praise Patrick After Gun-Control Tweet

OK:  Norman police to provide firearm safety course

California: Carson City Council Fails to Pass Unconstitutional Resolution Targeting Lawful Firearm Possession and Sales

Federal Gun Control in America: A Historic Guide to Major Federal Gun Control Laws and Acts

Trump Likely to Punt on Announcing Gun Plan, Source Says

Trump: The Gun Control Wall Just Got 10 Feet Higher Because of Beto!

Trump says gun control negotiations are "going very slowly"

Hard-driving gun control advocate Beto O’Rourke has performed a few 180s

Beto O'Rourke can have Joe Manchin's gun when he pries it from his cold, dead hands

With gun control measures held up in congress, ‘Gut Punch’ psa shows children trying to survive school shooting

‘Dummy’ O’Rourke ‘shrunk his candidacy’ as radical gun control pitch backfires

McConnell says Congress in 'holding pattern' on gun control

NM:  ABQ city councilors introduce gun legislation

CA: The Parkland survivors released a new gun control plan. Could it stop shootings in Monterey County?

FL: Stoneman teacher: Don’t let school safety become a casualty of the gun control battle

WI:  Gov Evers continues push for gun control

Gun Control: Wrong Solution to the Wrong Problem

MO:  Why won’t Missouri lawmakers allow a weapons ban at KC’s Plaza Art Fair?

Amazon’s Answer to Gun Violence: Ban Ads for Books About Ending Gun Violence

CO:  “We’re taking action”: Aurora has become a national hub for gun control advocacy


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